Written & Directed by

Mark Eccleston

Mark is a journalist, broadcaster and writer for TV, Radio and print. For the past 10 years he’s specialised as a film critic. His regular outlets are Sky News, 5 News, BBC Radio 4 (Front Row), BBC World Service (The Strand) and Glamour magazine.

Damian Samuels

Damian is an actor – he is best known for playing The Band Manager in Basement Jaxx’s Where’s Your Head At video, the MC in White Lightnin’ alongside Carrie Fisher, Mr. Lloyd in Doctor Who, other credits include Provinceworld, Eastenders, Keen Eddie and of course Jeff in Fish!

The Cast

Jeremy Theobald- The Boss

Jeremy worked with Christopher Nolan on several short films, on their debut feature Following and on Batman Begins. Since then he’s done bugger all until Damian persuaded him out of retirement when someone else couldn’t make the filming date.
He can never think of what to write in the third line of his biography.

Ewen Macintosh- The Judge

Ewen is probably still best known for playing Keith in The Office, which he did for two series and Christmas Specials. Well loved across the comedy network, Ewen regularly pops up in the classics (Lead Balloon, Little Britain, Miranda etc) and has a couple of Films on the go (The brilliant Scouting Book for Boys with Thomas Turgoose, and currently Bulla with his mate Rufus Hound)

Francesca Brown- The Mermaid

Francesca started her film career by playing the role of Anna in the feature film Breathe, following this Hannah in The Hunters Moon alongside Wes Studi and Connor O’Farrell which had its first screening at the Sundance Film Festival. Most recently she played Tandi Lewis in the upcoming film Legacy which was directed by Stephen Savage.

Director of Photography

John Lee – was the cinematographer on the award winning animated short Stanley Pickle, Solstice and the feature Cheerful Weather for the Wedding.

Original Music

Tim Thornton – Tim is the drummer for the band Fink and the author two novels The Alternative Hero and Death of An Unsigned Band published by Jonathan Cape.

Sound Designer

Andre Jacquemin – best known for his production work on The Monty Python albums, Andre co-wrote Every Sperm is Sacred and was the sound designer on The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.


Paul Moth - Paul is an assistant editor at Final Cut and “ and worked on enough bloody commercials to have actually enjoyed making this film.”

Fish Credits

Written and Directed by Mark Eccleston & Damian Samuels
Produced by Mark Eccleston, Toni Gallagher & Damian Samuels
Executive Producers Andrew Martin & Jim Keane


Jeff – Damian Samuels

The Boss – Jeremy Theobald

The Judge – Ewen Macintosh

The Girl – Francesca Brown

The Punch & Judy Man - Joe Burns

The Girl Stand In - Beth Smith

Original Music- Tim Thornton

Director of Photography – John Lee

Editor -Paul Moth

Sound Designer- Andre Jacquemin AMPS

Production Designer - Toni Gallagher

Hair & Make Up Designer - Sharon Holloway

1st AD - Lee Rayner

Props Master -Angus Gentleman

SFX Make Up - Victoria Fox

Sound Recordist -Matt Weeks

Foley Artist - Ricky Butt

Foley Recordist - Mark Lafbery

Music Production – Jonathan Goldstein

Special Effects Supervisor -Mick Stockton

Colourist – Mikey Rossiter

Assembly Editor -Tim Arnold

Focus Puller – Matt Choules

Loader – Catherine Staples

Steadicam Operator - Doug Walshe

Gaffers Simon Olney & Dominik Palgan

3rd AD – Johnathan Dickinson

Runners – Steven Samuels, Luke Wainwright, Nick Kowszun

Catering - Angela Samuels,
Rod Weeks, Dawn Wareham (Catering Connections)

Storyboards – Ellie Lock
Stills Photographer – Christian Black
Mermaid Hair Extensions - Gloria Holloway

The Mill - Miles Stormer, Cath Short, Niamh McGregor, Serena Noorani and Graham Perrin

Mere Mortals – Chris McQuillan and Dave Bell

Filmed on location at

Drakes Hotel, Brighton. Saltdean Lido. Coast Cafe Worthing. Worthing Pier and Lido.
Sussex, UK